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Hi and thank you for visiting our site. 

Due to the complexity of shipping internationally, we have set our shopping cart with a flat rate of $50 for all international orders.  This is not your actual shipping charge.  You will be refunded or billed any difference in actual shipping. 

We charge $1 for handling plus actual shipping charges. 

We use the United States Post Office Priority International Mail. 

If you would like a price quote for shipping before placing your order, feel free to email us with a list of supplies you wish to purchase.  We will measure and weigh your order and give you the actual shipping price.

Due to the size of the box needed to ship 12x12 paper it is a minimum of $27.00 for shipping.  Smaller items such as stamps and embellishments are considerably less expensive to ship (starting at about $4.00).

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Thank you for understanding!


Pam Sutherland, Owner

PS:  A great way to get the most out of these high shipping charges is to buy in groups!  Have all your scrapbooking friends get together and place one large order and split the shipping charges!